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  1. Prayer to Saint Agatha

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    Our prayer to Saint Agatha, patron saint of those diagnosed with Breast Cancer.
    Her feast day is the 5th February.

    St Agatha Medal 

    Prayer to Saint Agatha

    St. Agatha,
    glorious Virgin and Martyr,
    in the moment of torture,
    you refused to betray the faith
    you had in Jesus Christ.
    You kept yourself holy and pure
    in the most dangerous
    and violent temptations.
    Help me to have the courage,
    tremendous spiritual strength,
    immaculate integrity and
     utter dependence on Christ
    as you did. Through your
    intercession in Christ
    I pray for the restored
    health of my body and soul.

  2. An Irish Prayer

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    I was looking through some folders we have at home and came across this prayer.  
    The title of it was An Irish Prayer, but we've never actually heard it before.
    One thing we do agree on is that is a beautiful prayer and a lovely wish for anyone. 


    An Irish Prayer

    May God give you

    For every storm, a rainbow

    For every tear, a smile

    For every care, a promise

    And a blessing in each trial

    For every problem life sends,

    a faithful friend to share

    For every sigh, a sweet song,

    And an answer for each prayer





  3. Guardian Angel Prayer

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    This is the prayer we said as children at bed time, it is still one of our favourite prayers:

    Guardian Angel Silver 

     Prayer to my Guardian Angel

    O Angel of God

    my guardian dear

    to whom God's love

    commits me here

    ever this night (day)

    be at my side

    to light and guard

    to rule and guide